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The Company means the business corporation RedGreenBD IT Solutions., Company registration No.: 04-12874, with its registered office at 739, Road# 10, Avenue# 04, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka- 1216, in Bangladesh.

The Customer means any business corporation or natural person conducting a business who purchased and/or uses the Software Product of the Company. So as to avoid doubt, it is stipulated that every person identifying him/herself with respect to the Company under its company registration number is considered an entrepreneur. In accordance with this provision, the acquirer to whom the licence for the Software Product was transferred by the original Customer also becomes a Customer.

The Software Product means a data file, including the software of the Company and also all previous upgrades and plugins that have been provided to the Customer by the Company for the original Software Product. The Software Product is not the subject of purchase; only the right to use it (the licence) is provided.

The Product is a collective term for the Software Product and the Services of the Company. Up-to-date information on the various Products is available on the Company website. In the event of any questions about the Products, the Customer can also contact the Company’s Representative, the Company’s contact points (a contact list is posted on the Company website) or the Company’s call centre.

The Representative means an agent or an employee of the Company through which the Customer can, among other things, order a licence for the Company’s Software Product.


Contract must be proceeded after confirming that the offer has been accepted.

If there is a loss caused to client in the using process by an exchange platform breakdown, a global network problem, a government network failure due to force majeure causes such as natural disasters, RedGreenBD IT Solutions will never responsible for this.


Design & color combination provided by client will be followed, if client don't provide any design (similar as the package)- he must bound to receive the company predicted design.

Every change in design or develop section after the delivery period will require extra cost, which depends on jobs criteria.

We perform jobs in our hosting only (not in other hosting) and we don’t provide code in case of transfer hosting from our hosting (as its our business policy).

In general, we never provide the login details of cPanel to client because of security purpose. But on request (with additional charge), if cPanel is provided, then client will maintain the server security as well as backup in his own responsibility, we will never responsible for this.


In case of Hardware problem of machine crush, after installing Operating System and database server, Administrator should run Script file provided by us and upload data from backup media. Client can keep your database backup in your own responsibility and after providing that to authority, we can recover it from your backup file successfully.

Client does not hold the software’s copyright, and it may not assign or resell it to another party or conduct any other development work based on it. In that case client can use the software by sharing connection by us, but the source code and cPanel is not deliverable.


A 50% deposit of total costing (eg. 25,000 BDT out of 50,000 BDT) is due prior to project commencement and the balance is payable on completion.

Payment method can be cash, cheque or mobile banking. In case of mobile banking, client must pay the the bill with its payment charge.

Domain-Hosting charge depends on dollar price. You can renew it advance up to five years one time. In domain renew time if customer wants to increase hosting package, it requires extra charges depends on size.


You can obtain assistance with technical difficulties that may arise in connection with your utilization of the Software or the Service by contacting customer care. RedGreenBD IT Solutions reserves the right to establish limitations on the extent of such support, and the hours at which it is available.

You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment needed for its access to and use of the Software and the Service and you will be responsible for all charges related there to.


Our Working Steps



This is known as analisys section. We have 2 teams with 8 members who have 5 years experiences.


This is an important section. We have 3 teams with 12 members who have 6 years experiences in this section.


There are 4 teams with 16 members who have 5 years experiences, they are working in this implementation sector.


The last portion is delivery section. Here are 4 teams with 16 members who have 7 years experiences in this stage.